Charter Bus Services In Boulder

While all the fancy lighting, insane sound systems, Drink mixing stations, all the other lavish amenities of our stylish party buses are amazing for hitting the town in the utmost of style and swagger, for your longer trips nothing beats the plush comfort of a top of the line charter bus. Not only are the individual seats extremely comfortable but so is the Exclusive and advanced "Wide-ride" suspension system MCI has built into their charter buses using unbeatable Sach shocks to provide a smooth ride, for long journeys there is nothing better or more comfortable for up to 56 passengers on the road. This bus features everything you could want for your next trip, be it a trip from Boulder or Denver to Colorado Springs, a Denver Airport shuttle both to and from, or any other long distance trip no matter the occasion, this is the perfect bus for just about any need. Forget the airport shuttles and car rentals, experience a chartered bus for your group.

Not only are these massive buses engineering masterpieces they are also some of the most visually stunning buses you will ever see, which is why you see them used by sports teams all the time. Those 3 panels you see on the bottom of each side of the bus is all storage room for whatever you are traveling with. But it's not all about the exterior you only care about that before and after your trip, the real beauty and comfort comes inside the vehicle. Your driver is well taken care of with a state of the art cockpit control console and maximum visibility for your safety.

Inside the bus you will be greeted with overhead storage for every passenger for any supplies they may need while on the road, USB charging ports to keep your devices going all journey long. incredibly comfortable and roomy seating with adjustable foot rests that recline with plenty of legroom. Each seat also has their own LED reading light for night time and built in LED TV's with a great sound system to keep everyone entertained during the day and evening. The massive windows are tinted for your privacy but give you a clear view out day or night. Finally, we get the another exclusive feature of this bus, it's actually a bigger deal than one would think, but the curved stairwells help everyone get on and off much easier than traditional bus steps.